The Trendy Scene for 2019


I love going to Market! But not the grocery store kind—I don’t really understand why, but I hate grocery shopping. But a trendy scene full of 2019’s most beautiful furniture, fabrics, lighting, and art in the Las Vegas design hub? Yes please!!

I spent 3 full, fast and furious days in Las Vegas last month searching out the latest and greatest in the home furnishings industry at one of the nation's biggest furniture markets. The Las Vegas Market is where it’s at, friends! It has over 4,000 vendors and more eye candy than this decorator can handle. This market is not open to everyone, but everyone should know what they’re presenting as the on-trend-must-haves for the home. So, I’m here to share it with you. 

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you know that there were 2 things that jumped out at me at every turn, in every shop.

First was fur.

Fur was found everywhere—faux or genuine. It was on chairs, sofas, benches, pillows, throws, and rugs. It wasn’t as much the “rabbit” fur that has been on the throw blankets and pillows of recent years, but the longer Mongolian and Flokati furs seem to be all the rage today. I’m kind of digging this faux cowhide for a Dallas project I’m working on, too!

Shearling and boucle (a woven, looped wool) are popping up more and more, and they are so pretty! I particularly love the boucle on this white sofa by CB2.

Black shaggy throw blanket.png
faux cowhide.png
White Couch brass legs.png

The other obvious trend is mixing vintage with modern.

I love how the mix of vintage and modern design elements creates an updated and sophisticated feel and an added depth of history, which gives a space a sense of intriguing, curated “I’ve a story to tell”.

The easiest way to mix vintage and modern design is by adding a beautiful vintage area rug. I met a Turkish artisan at Market who invited me to sit with him as he told me about a dreamy vintage rug he bought in Paris. It’s from the 1920s. He takes these rugs, cleans them, shaves them, and carefully tends to every flaw to bring it back to life—all the while honoring its original beauty. He had such a love in his voice for these pieces of art. And y’all, they showed it!

These authentic antiques were on the pricier side, but worth every penny. One day, I hope to own one myself (swoon). But here’s the thing, anyone can get that look! They’re out there at just about every price point.

Another way to add this is by simply switching out your lighting fixtures or adding an accent chair. These are interesting options. Today’s “modern” reminds me of yesterday’s art deco and art moderne. So in a way, they are twice the bang for your buck by being both vintage and modern! 

assortment of oriental rugs.png
vintage modern furniture.png

Which leads us to the next style trends. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll group them into 3 categories and call them:

  1. New modern

  2. New classic

  3. Boho/global

First up, new modern.

New modern is most practical for the home without young children. The emphasis is more on form than function, and the decor can be pricier. The chatter around design circles has been how the style of the 1980s is seeing a comeback. But to me it feels more like the fabulous art deco/art moderne era.

Mid century modern is still holding its place in the heart of designers, but I’m seeing a little shift back to the 1920s. It was a time of economic boom, exotic travels, luxurious Hollywood homes, and glamorous parties. Clothing fashion wasn’t the only thing reflecting this. Exotic woods, animal prints, daring artistic lines, and glamorous shiny metals became all the rage. Furniture was art that reflected the times. Do you see what I see?

vintage furniture.png

Next is new classic.

New classic is transitional style meets contemporary lines. These are ideal for the majority of people, especially if you’re raising a family. It’s strong and soft, reliable and affordable, and most versatile with the other styles out there. Think, the sophistication of tufted arms and the simplicity of clean lines. Just about any color works, but solid patterns and neutrals take center stage. It’s word art and thin matte black framed prints of nature or family.

New classic is the most practical of all the styles, it works in all geographic locations, and this shows through most furnishing sales going to this group. New classics say, “friends and family are welcome here.”

green couch vintage furniture.png

Now we move to fun and funky boho.

Some call it global. It’s all about natural and organic. It’s the most youthful of the styles out there. Boho colors tend to be super light and neutral, and the fabrics are ultra rich in texture. Generally light and airy, it always feels cozy. It’s great for coastal areas and best for homes that don’t expect children jumping on the sofa (wink).

Boho calls you into more relaxed times, and its vibe is very happy and light. Lots of organic materials; lots of greenery; lots of nature; lots of fun!

Boho furniture.png

So there you have it in a tight, little nut shell. These are the general home design trends moving into 2019.

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