because a home is more than furnishings

It’s the living room where you gather with friends, it’s the bedroom where you relax and recharge, it’s the kitchen where life is shared… Every room is more than its furnishings; it’s an expression of who you are and what you enjoy.

Welcome to Linen + Fig, where a house becomes a home.


Trina Berrios
Founder + Owner


In my early 30’s, I left my Dental Hygiene career to be a stay-at-home wife and mother of 3. This allowed me (read: forced me) to focus my creative spirit into studying the art of home.  My driving force: I wanted my family to have a house that felt like the loving home they deserved. Let’s face it - the world can be rough. I wanted our home to be a sanctuary, a place to restore, relax, refresh, and be inspired.

I come from a family of artists, architects, realtors, and seamstresses. My passion for studying home decorating styles and trends has always synced with the flow of my life. Moving 11 times before completing high school made me the forever new kid, so studying different demographics, trends, and styles went from a survival skill to a fascinating interest that I still enjoy.

Compiling 33 mailing addresses has given me a unique understanding of the insane moving process. I’ve moved between cities and states with babies, children, teens, and pets. I’ve moved into larger homes and done crazy-small downsizing. I can relate to you, dear home seller, and I’m here to help!

Today I am a certified Home Stager, Styler, and E.Designer. I launched Linen + Fig after decades of encouragement from friends and family (and my last baby bird left the nest). I’ve created a business that honors the home and what it stands for. My desire is to help you sell your home quickly and painlessly, or help curate it to become your own sanctuary.

Love, Trina

Linen + Fig
The story of an artist + a candle


The subtle, fresh scent of clean linens and the gentle, sweet smell of juicy figs… I stood in Home Goods, entranced by this little candle in my hands, breathing in elegance and beauty. If the essence of home could be expressed with a scent, it would be that linen and fig candle.

One year later, I sat at my desk in our guest bedroom and wrote those three words on a piece of scratch paper: Linen and Fig, the perfect description of the home spaces I love to create.

Because everyone deserves to live in beautiful spaces, I welcome you to Linen + Fig and the conversations we’ll share to enrich your home.

Linen + Fig transforms your home into the elegant and welcoming environment everyone dreams of living in.

I work with homeowners and home sellers to deliver the perfect makeover using my keen eye for design, organization, and sourcing of the highest quality furnishings. Rooted in integrity, I provide expert guidance and an easy-to-follow process that will leave you pleased. It’s my great joy to make your house the wonderful place you, or your dream buyer, can’t wait to come home to.

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